We are a leading specialized manufacturer of Translators Dictionary and calculator, which is over 16 years in Taiwan; and now we are major in making DVR (Digital Voice Recorder),USB Pen Drive, MP3 and Digital Camera. the production is in mainland China & Taiwan.

We set up another division of company as CEL in 2001, and hope that we can promote and expand the overseas sales business. In 2002 we set up Vicwise Electronics Co., Ltd. at Kwun Tong HK, responsible for overseas and goods transportation between Taiwan and China. Now we are expanding wide range of products which include some kind of electronic components, such as various of Thermal Cutoffs, Thermal Protector, .....etc. to serve our customers by our electronic component division.

Being reasonable price, good quality of products, we have good reputation on the market, and we always keep accurate, immediate and constant developing new products to meet the demand of customers and the market. We also well tie up with IC designer and some good OEM sub-tractors and having good long-term cooperation relationship, so that we can design and develop MCU products and those applications for customers and earn our customers support and confidence.

Cooperator will always keep quality insistence, best service as the basis of enterprise development to create benefit for both of us.

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